Creating the Perfect Open House Real Estate Email Flyer

Robert Dodd | 8/30/2019 3:50:00 PM

How to conduct an open house campaign

Open Houses are one of the many tools agents have at their disposal for generating interest in a new listing. Marketing the open house to fellow agents and prospective buyers is an extremely effective way to help attract a potential buyer. eCampaignPro allows you to quickly and easily create open house email flyers that you can send to fellow real estate agents and prospects to generate some buzz.


The first step in using eCampaignPro to have an effective open house campaign is to target the right audience.  There are two ways you can do this. The first way is to upload a list of your personal contacts or SOI (Sphere of influence) and invite them to your open house. The next way is to invite your fellow agents in the area to attend and bring any potential buyers. 

To build a list of agents to target eCampaignPro has a tool that allows you to search for local agents in your market and invite them to attend and bring their clients. 

In the link, you will find a full tutorial on how to How to utilize eCampaignPro’s agent request tool.

Once you have requested your requested agent lists, it’s time to start crafting your open house email flyer for this campaign.

eCampaignPro’s Campaign Wizard is a powerful, user-friendly tool for creating real estate email flyers and distributing and sending them to your audience.

For an open house campaign, you want to prioritize the critical facts, such as the time, date, location, and price of the listing.

Below you can find a helpful video on how to use the Campaign Wizard:

Make sure to use space on the email flyer to talk about any promotions you will be doing at the event, such as special offers or giveaways. Also, be sure to emphasize information that will catch other agents’ attention, such as commission incentives or additional seller bonuses offered. Furthermore, don’t forget to highlight if you are having a giveaway or if refreshments are being served. These types of details allow you to gain the interest of the area agents and increase the likely hood that they will attend.

For instance, the open house flyer below does an excellent job of highlighting all the critical aspects of the open house. It clearly shows the day, time and address of the open house. There is a clearly defined benefit in the form of a $500 bonus for a full price offer and a 3% commission. It also has a clear CTA (Call to action button) allowing explore the listing.


Example open house real estate flyer

Pay special attention to the subject line of the campaign’s e-mail. It should include things to catch an agent’s eye, such as a seller’s bonus and relevant information like the date of the event, while still being succinct.  For the best open rates, keep your subject lines less than 6-10 words long with the ideal being about 3-5 words.

To maximize attendance, you will want to send out your first open house email flyer 4-to-5 days before the event, giving agents time to plan to attend, and reach out to you ahead of time with any questions about the listing or incentives.

Once the campaign is sent, you can use eCampaignPro’s analytic tools to see which recipients have engaged with the open house invitation.  Then you can create a segment of engaged recipients from the first campaign to create follow- up campaign a day or two before the event.

This follow-up campaign can either be a duplicate of the first campaign, or you can send a personal outreach in the form of a letter to the engaged recipient's segment you just created encouraging them to come and provide any additional details.

This letter-based approach also allows you to build rapport with your fellow agents and will assist you in making sure the agents on your list and in your area stay engaged with your subsequent email campaigns.  

Experience shows that targeted follow-up campaigns can significantly improve engagement and response rates, so it’s definitely something that you want to use as part of your overall real estate email marketing strategy.

Finally, once the open house is over, you can show your seller what you did to market their open house by Creating customized seller reports. This report summarizes all the email marketing campaigns that you did for this listing and is a great way to showcase how hard you work for your clients.

In conclusion, running an open house campaign via eCampaignPro is a great way to maximize the traffic going to your next open house.

 If you want additional help or have more questions, Contact the email marketing experts at eCampaignPro at (888) 362-4547 or email us at


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