Measure your results & optimize your campaigns

Robust analytics & reporting tools to monitor the success of your email flyers

List of confirmed opens

You'll receive a list of all your prospects, including their names, emails, phone numbers, and what links they clicked on your flyer to opt in. Create follow-up campaigns based on their activity to maximize the performance of your campaigns.

Email Analytics

Get a birds-eye view of all your campaigns and their most important metrics with eCampaignPro. You'll get real-time access to:

  • Click-through summary for each campaign
  • Number of emails delivered
  • Number of emails forwarded
  • Links clicked on each flyer, how many times and by whom
  • Number of leads received
  • Direct callback requests (Sent to your cell phone!)
Mobile optimized Reporting

Track campaign performance — anywhere.

See your campaign's key performance indicators from any device - in real time.

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