Print vs. Email: Which is better?

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The more you know about eCampaignPro, the more you'll want to use it as your main marketing tool to get your listings out to qualified agents. Compare the cost and benefits of eCampaignPro to traditional forms of real estate marketing:

FEATURE eCampaignPro Direct Mail Newspaper Magazine
Cost Per Recipient 50¢ - $1.00 Hundreds Thousands
Delivery Tracking Included No No No
Target Audience Included Included Sometimes Sometimes
Sub Targeting Included No No No
Read Tracking Included No No No
Built In Referrals Included No No No
Website Promotion Included Included Included Included
Click Tracking Included No No No
Integrated CRM Included No No No
Call Back Tracking Included No No No
Opt-Out Management Included No No No
Estimated Response 2%-10% 1%-3% Unknown Unknown
Pay for Undeliverables No Yes Yes Yes
Instant Delivery Included No No No
Follow-Up Based on Interest Included No No No

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