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eCampaignPro is owned and operated by XL Technologies, LLC, a privately held company officially founded in 2001 by a team of highly experienced professionals with backgrounds in sales, marketing, technology, finance and real estate.

Having developed some of the world’s most advanced web-based applications, we continually expand our line of products and services while improving our highly regarded “Uncompromising Support” – a term we coined to describe our unique level of technical and customer support. Our Office

We believe in operational excellence where the customer is the center of attention. That's always been a part of our history and it is the centerpiece of our future.

Our goal from the start has been to create amazing, useful and easy to use software applications to help real estate professionals reach their prospects and customers easily and affordably with sophisticated software solutions-- and and we’re still at it more than a decade later.

Back when we started, the concept of web-based applications was still new. Today, however, they're everywhere. Thanks to huge leaps in technology over the last few years, it's quite amazing what you can do with just a web browser and an Internet connection.

Our core mission is to develop cutting edge products that fulfill specific needs in the Real Estate industry. Significant time and energy is invested into researching each of our products to ensure the highest level of usability. You can be confident that our products have been designed for fast and reliable use by any user, regardless of the technical ability.

We are always pushing the limits of technology to make sure our software meets the needs of our customers and remains the most popular application in its class. We now have thousands of customers across the US, Canada and Europe utilizing our software to help them achieve their business goals and we appreciate each and every one of them.

Our product eCampaignPro is the leading provider of self-service real estate email flyers and email marketing products for real estate professionals (REPs) across the US, Canada and Europe.

eCampaignPro helps real estate professionals reach their prospects and customers easily and affordably with targeted, relevant email communications based on their interests. eCampaignPro is designed and priced for REPs and is available through an ever growing list of channel partners.

We listen to customer feedback and continually improve our products pre and post-purchase services based on that feedback. If you have a comment or suggestion contact us we’re happy to hear from you.

For more information please visit the XL Technologies website at www.xltech.net