Make sure your landing page reinforces your call to action (part 2)

Robert Dodd | 1/27/2014 2:16:00 PM

In our last blog post, we talked about the importance of a call to action. When it comes to email marketing, engagement is key. Simply sending out information with no further instructions can feel impersonal. A call to action plants the seeds for meaningful interactions, goodwill and, we hope, future business.

Of equal importance to that call to action is a properly designed landing page, the page where the user “lands” after following your call to action. These two things work in tandem to reinforce key points to the user and provide valuable insights for you, the professional.

A custom landing page should make good on answering these questions- What should I do next? and How do I find more information? Be sure to reiterate the fundamentals. As a real estate professional, that means the address of a property, MLS number, price and contact information. In addition, the landing page should provide additional information that could include more about you, the property, the real estate brokerage firm, the neighborhood/area etc...

Next, a custom landing page should provide measurable insight about your email marketing campaign and capitalize on interested users. If you use a service like eCampaignPro to send email marketing flyers, it is easy to track click-throughs from specific calls to action. This provides measurable results and a more focused and effective approach to email communications. To capitalize on interested users, use the landing page as an opportunity to capture lead information (name, address, email, phone number) for more targeted follow up and future campaigns.

In the end, a call to action paired with a properly designed landing page allows you to engage with potential customers and keep track of specific leads while making the most out of each and every campaign and marketable action. That’s mighty professional, don’t you think?

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