Writing Web Content With Your Prospects in Mind

Robert Dodd | 6/19/2013 12:01:00 PM

Today, almost every consumer seeking to buy real estate begins at the same place: the Internet. Online, information must be presented the way the user wants it or they will leave that site. Write your online materials from their perspective, not yours. Speak their language by giving them the information they're looking for, quickly, succinctly, without fluff, and in a visually engaging layout.  

Write it the way users will read it.

  • Online material should be written in short, manageable sentences, or "chunked," as it is referred to online.
  • Users will scan right over long meandering prose in long multi-sentenced paragraphs. You will not get your point across since they've skipped over most of what you've written.
  • Credibility is important, so information should be factually accurate and presented without hyperbole.
  • When possible, use pictures or other visual elements that provide a visual representation that complements your text.
  • Make lists, use bullets and fragments. It's perfectly acceptable online.

Write to meet the user's expectation and reap the rewards.

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