What is a Feedback Loop, Why Do I Care?

Robert Dodd | 12/12/2013 12:24:00 PM

In our previous blog post , we discussed how easy it is to damage your web presence with improper delivery of email communications. We reviewed the different types of Internet Service Providers (ISPs), what happens when an email travels through cyberspace and the technical gatekeepers that determine the success or failure of email delivery.

Today, we want to take it a step further and discuss the importance of having an email marketing partner and specifically, one with an established feedback loop.

So, what’s a feedback loop?

A feedback loop is a relationship that some email marketing service providers (like eCampaignPro), have with ISPs. If you recall, ISPs have systems in place, a checklist of sorts, that determine whether an email is considered spam or not. Anything from spammy language to bad code can prevent safe passage from your inbox to the intended recipient. Most of the time, when an email is blocked, the cause is not readily known. When this happens, professional workflow is unnecessarily interrupted and email accounts can be entirely shut down.

At eCampaignPro, we have established relationships with ISPs. If a complaint comes in, ISPs actually communicate with our tech team to help us investigate and resolve issues rather than leaving the client baffled, bewildered and without one of the most crucial tools for a professional- email communication.

If an issue comes up, our feedback loop allows us an attempt at rectifying the situation when otherwise, your account may have simply been shut down. Our experience has shown us that it’s too risky to go it alone. ISPs are far more receptive and forgiving when there is a qualified liaison, like eCampaignPro, to navigate the unseen backend of email delivery.

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