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Robert Dodd | 1/2/2014 11:24:00 AM

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The New Year is a perfect time to get in touch with everyone on your email list. Communicating with clients, past and present, is an essential part to building and maintaining a robust client network. It keeps the lines of communication fresh and leaves the door open for opportunity. Of course, choosing the right message and frequency is important. Communicate too little and clients are likely to forget about you or worse, clients will feel neglected or unappreciated. Communicate too much and there is the risk of aggravating someone right out the door.

Just like personal relationships, professional ones must be reciprocal, natural and unforced. No one likes being badgered. It is uncouth to continually ask for something without giving anything in return. It is impolite to intrude in someone’s personal space without asking permission.

eCampaignPro email marketing flyers offers an easy way to stay in touch with clients. Convenient templates allow for the easy creation of communications pieces and a trusted network ensures effective delivery to a targeted list of clients. Here are a few things to consider when staying in touch with clients:

  1. Offer useful information. Past clients do not always want a sales pitch. In fact, sending too many “sales-y” messages will likely be a turn off. Rather, send relevant information. Maybe short updates about the market in their area, or important real estate news like tax changes, that might be of value to them. Allow your contacts to view you as a resource. This may increase the possibility that they will contact you the next time they need real estate services.
  2. Don’t over communicate. Stay in touch, but don’t overwhelm the inbox. For recent clients, a monthly newsletter may be sufficient. For clients that haven’t bought from you in a while, quarterly follow-ups may be more appropriate. Remember, badgering is bad manners.
  3. Be thoughtful. Adding a personal touch to your professional communications can strengthen your connections. Consider following up with clients on their birthdays or the anniversary of their home purchase date. A little thought can go a long way.

Use the tracking tools to monitor and tweak your communications. Our reporting features can provide insight into what works. Data is available within minutes of sending your flyer. For example, if you find that emails you send monthly have low open rates, then you can confidently switch to a quarterly email. Take note, stay in touch and strengthen your network!

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