Use Email Marketing To Create Reciprocal Relationships

Robert Dodd | 10/15/2013 2:33:00 PM

Real Estate license reciprocity is an important tool in increasing the potential customer base. Many states have reciprocal agreements with each other, allowing a real estate agent to conduct business in another state after passing a reciprocity exam. Often, this is a shortened version of the entire real estate exam. In Florida for example, if you are licensed in one of the 9 states with which Florida has reciprocity, you only need to take a short 40 question test about the specifics of Florida State real estate law.

For the many states that don’t have these agreements, having a wide network of agents with whom you have your own reciprocity agreement in place is an excellent way to create a mutually beneficial working relationship.

Reciprocity, connecting with others for the mutual benefit of both parties, is a business practice that has the potential to both widen one’s sphere of influence and increase the potential to grow business or make a sale. Imagine that you are a real estate professional in Ft. Lauderdale where many potential buyers come from the state of New York. Connecting with a real estate professional in New York could open up an avenue to channel leads from the New York and vice versa. Establishing an open line of reciprocity could be the difference between having customers only in your local area and extending your reach across multiple states.

Making these connections, keeping the lines of communication open and extending your brand’s reach is easy with eCampaignPro. There are customizable email marketing templates and features to help create targeted lists (right down to the city and zip code) that will make a simple task of connecting with your fellows.

The real estate industry is a vast world. Get to know people outside of your market and stay connected through email communications. It’s easy when you have the right tools and professional know-how.

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