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Robert Dodd | 8/18/2017 11:49:00 AM

Real Estate Photography

It may seem obvious that photography matters in real estate email marketing, but we’ve all seen marketing flyers with mediocre photos. First impressions are everything. If potential buyers or professionals don’t find a listing visually appealing, you’ve already lost them.

That’s why eCampaignPro creates attractive real estate email flyers and templates ready to be populated with your images and content. However, a well-crafted message and targeted email marketing will be much more powerful with eye-catching pictures.

You don’t have to be a professional photographer but you a few simple tips can increase your chance for better images and an improved chance at reaching your target market.

Now, about those photos...

Use a real camera. No iPhone photos. A point-and-shoot digital camera will do just fine and have the wide angle lens needed to capture an ideal real estate image.

Natural light is your friend. Shooting in natural light creates an appealing mood and eliminates harsh lighting and sharp edges that come with using a flash. Take advantage of large windows and other sources of available light (a skylight, perhaps?) for your images.

Focus. A photo in focus conveys professionalism. If you cannot focus correctly by taking handheld shots, consider using a tripod for accuracy. A tripod also allows for taking shots at lower exposure with continued clarity.

Declutter. .Potential buyers do not want to see unnecessary clutter. Interior photos should be staged as they would be when being shown. The space should be clean and without anything to detract from the features of the property.

Shoot straight. When taking an exterior photo of a property listing, make sure it is level. A crooked exterior shot is a first impression wasted.

Armed with visually appealing images of property listings and tools from eCampaignPro in your email marketing arsenal, you are well on your way to achieving your real estate sales goals.

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