The value of Pinterest and how it can be used to drive traffic to a real estate website

Robert Dodd | 6/2/2014 2:13:00 PM

In the ubiquitous world of social media, value is not added by joining social media sites, but by leveraging the value of these tools to extend the reach of your brand. We’ve discussed social media tools such as Twitter and Facebook in the past. Today, we wanted to share the power of another social media tool– Pinterest.

According to this article on Piqora, Pinterest offers a longer life span for content shared because it is a task driven site that encourages navigation and search just as much as it promotes social media sharing. Facebook and Twitter serve a more “flash in the pan” purpose or, a shorter life span, because it is ephemeral. Users on Facebook and Twitter glance at content that pops up in a feed, but quickly bounce to the next post.

On Pinterest, users are searching for inspiration. The timeliness of the content is less important as is the quality of the content. Users pin old and new links to inspiration boards to reflect taste and ideas. That means the lifespan of content and the likelihood of someone visiting your site increases. And let’s face it, real estate lend itself exceptionally well to images. People love to look at homes, home designs, architecture, landscaping and interiors for inspiration. And Pinterest can capture that enthusiasm like no other social media can.

Here are the stats: 40% of clicks on Pinterest happen within the first day, 70% within the first two days, and the remaining 30% of clicks come in through 30 days and beyond.

While you cannot directly “pin” your flyers to Pinterest from the eCampaignPro dashboard, once created you can easily turn your flyer into a jpeg and “pin” that to your board. Or use the photo images used within your flyer on Pinterest.

When other users find something they like on your Pinterest board, they can click on that link and come directly to your website. On Pinterest, this can happen over and over again as content is shared on other inspiration boards.

As real estate professionals, you all know too well that real estate lends itself to visual appeal. Leverage the staying power of Pinterest and create inspiration boards that get your listings, and your business, noticed.

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