The Most Overused Words in Real Estate Marketing

Robert Dodd | 7/25/2017 12:38:00 PM



When crafting a message for real estate email marketing, word choice is of utmost importance. With over 1.2 million real estate professionals listed as members of the National Association of Realtors and countless more in the field, it is easy to see why every marketing message counts.

To cut through the saturation of endless messages, promotions and listings, we want to offer a few tips on creating a message that differentiates realtors from the pack. Too often we get caught using the same “buzzwords” to describe properties and listings.

Below are some of the most used words in the real estate industry and a few tips on how you can separate your message from the millions of others in the field.

Most Used Words


Recognize any of these words? They show up in a majority of real estate email communications.

When crafting a real estate email flier with eCampaignPro, there are several ways you can avoid the pitfalls of overused language.

A Thesaurus is your friend.
Sure, that piece of property is stunning. But, when selling homes (for the most part) what piece of property, isn’t? Grab a Thesaurus and find another adjective to describe your property. Perhaps remarkable, vibrant or notable might suit the message instead?

Be Specific.
Nowadays, the word “designer” is so often used, it’s almost like it’s going (pun intended) out of style. Be more specific when using this term. Tell your target which designers are being used. The more details you can offer, the better.

Transparency goes a long way.
Some properties need work. Instead of saying a place has potential, list its attributes and offer some specifics of the work that needs to be done. Honesty and an up front approach will go a long way with potential buyers.

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