Email Marketing Success Starts with a Call to Action

Robert Dodd | 5/1/2013 12:08:00 PM

This month we are going to highlight probably the single most important marketing concept, the "call to action".  Simply put, once you have established that you have a have something valuable to offer and that you are the best choice to deliver it, you want to ask the recipient to take the next step.

A call to action is what you want the recipient to do.  Don't assume the reader will figure it out or that the next step is obvious.  Assumptions are a bad idea in any marketing plan.  You need to tell the recipient exactly what you want them to do next.  Don't make them figure it out or it will be too late and your email will get deleted.  Below are just a few examples of simple calls to action:

Call my 800# now for more information.

Click this link to order.

Email me today for showing instructions.

Contact Details

I see too many campaigns going out with no call to action.  To make matters worse, sometimes the sender's contact information is either missing or so small that it will get overlooked.  Prominently display your contact details, especially if you do not have a clear call to action.  Otherwise, you are wasting your time and money.

Keep it simple

It's best not to have multiple calls to action in the same marketing piece.  The call to action works best when it is not complicated. Figure out the best option and give a clear call to action. If you prefer a call over email, ask the recipient to "please call me today".

Sense of Urgency

Since most recipients will likely forget if they wait, the quicker you can get them to respond, the better.  We've all seen it on TV and infomercials, right?  They wouldn't keep doing it if it didn't work.  "Buy in the next 10 minutes, and we'll double the order", the infomercials say.   You can do the same thing in real estate.  An example would be, "Call me now; this one won't last".

Email Signature

Don't forget to include your website address in your signature.  Personally, I track the clicks on my marketing campaigns.  I am surprised how many people actually click on my website address in the signature.  I may have asked them to call, but maybe they need more time or more information.  If they don't call, but still click my website link and like what they see, I am more likely to hear from them in the future.

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