Implementing a strong social media strategy

Robert Dodd | 8/14/2018 4:01:00 AM

Back in the day social media marketing in real estate was looked at as a fad by most agents and brokers. It was thought to be something that was supposed to eventually fade over time, something that you did not need to concern yourself with and had no value in real estate. On the other hand, there have been progressive agents and brokers who have embraced social media since the beginning and are thriving with it.

Today there is very little doubt that Social media is an excellent tool for real estate agents to build their brand presence in the market they serve. However, when it comes to using social media for their marketing, most real estate agents are not even aware of how to use it correctly . This is the primary reason that most agents do not see results and end up abandoning social media entirely. It’s this lack of understanding that drives them to leave social media and claim it’s not for them.

So why should social media be an important part of your marketing strategy?

There are several reasons why a real estate agent or brokerage should embrace using social media today. Here’s why you should make social media a part of your real estate marketing arsenal:

  • Huge platform – it gives you a comprehensive platform, and this is why you should use it for promoting your listings, open houses and events. You can provide clients and prospects that follow you updated details about listing changes, post images of a specific homes or list drone videos, links to virtual tours, changes in market conditions and even pictures of some of your happy clients once they close on their home. This invokes trust with your audience and shows that you are socially active and relevant.
  • Super Cost effective – Social media sites are essentially free but also allow you to control how much you spend per day if you decide to run targeted ads. These ads are cheaper then the conventional ad’s that you might run in a local newspaper and come with all the insight and analytics that you cannot get from traditional advertising.
  • It makes you easily accessible – Social media is accessed by people from all across the globe. Of course, you do not sell real estate outside your market service area, but you never know who might see a listing and potentially contact you. In fact, a lot of high-end properties are purchased by international and out of state buyers.
  • Increased Loyalty – When prospects or clients see you engaging on Social media and see your regular posts and updates, loyalty increases. That presence will go a long way to establish you as a leader in your market.

So, regardless of how new you are to real estate or how established you might be in a specific market area, it is important that you create a profile on at least some of the most prominent social media platforms like Twitter, Facebook, Instagram and LinkedIn.

Social media tools are an indispensable tool for growing and developing your personal real estate brand. Here are just a few of the ways in which you can leverage eCampaignPro to build your Social media presence including:

  • Using the built-in eCampaignPro features to post your Just Listed, Open House, and other property flyers directly to Facebook, Twitter, Linked-In, and Pinterest.
  • Send an email to your sphere of influence list using a tool like eCampaignPro to let them know that you are now on social media and would like to connect. eCampaignPro provides a set of useful templates just for this purpose

If you would like to learn more about how eCampaignPro can help build your Social media presence please reach out to us at 888-362-4547.

With this simple approach and some time learning how to market on social media, you can dramatically improve brand awareness, customer loyalty and your web presence which translates into more opportunities to connect with more prospects and strengthen your relationship with existing customers.

Happy Marketing

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