eCampaignPro's new features will help you create the perfect real estate e-mail flyer

Robert Dodd | 11/21/2019 9:27:00 PM

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We are continually working to make the eCampaignPro toolset the most comprehensive, user-friendly digital marketing platform for real estate agents and brokers. As part of that goal, we are rolling out a couple of new features that will make it easier for you to create the perfect e-mail flyer for your digital campaigns.

Every agent is different; every market is different, so we have made it easier to customize the visuals of your e-mail flyer. When you preview your campaign in the Campaign Wizard by clicking the "Preview" button at the top, you can now change the flyer's color scheme with a simple drop-down menu. With dozens of color schemes to choose from and more on the way, this should go a long way to finding the perfect design to get the attention of potential clients.

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You can also use the preview window to add or remove the HUD logo, the Realtor logo, and your company's custom disclaimer. This will allow you to see how your e-mail flyer will look with these elements while still editing the design.

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We have also streamlined the process of uploading images into your account. Previously when you uploaded pictures into your gallery, the tool would ask what kind of photo you were uploading and resize it accordingly. Now all images are uploaded the same way at a consistent, higher resolution.

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Simply click the "Add New Image" button like before, and it will take you straight to the image uploading tool.

Upload Tool

These changes are paving the way for several new, improved real estate e-mail templates that will be coming out soon. These e-mail templates will be more adaptable and will fit more of your e-mail campaign needs. 

Beyond campaign design, eCampaignPro has a slew of new upgrades in the works right now, so keep an eye out for further improvements as we continuously strive to deliver the best real estate e-mail marketing platform for reaching your target audience.

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