Four Ways to Use eCampaignPro Email Marketing for Real Estate Pros

Robert Dodd | 11/19/2014 11:56:00 AM

eCampaignPro is an email marketing tool for real estate professionals. What does that mean, really? It means that we can deliver your real estate specific message to the right people effectively, using email and other social tools.

eCampaignPro provides easy-to-use templates to serve just about any marketing message in any point of the buying cycle. Here are four of the most common ways real estate professionals use eCampaignPro:

Just Sold
Did you recently sell a great piece of property in a great market? Let other realtors know by sending an email through eCampaignPro. Our established network of realtors will allow you to target realtors in the area, right down to the zip code, to notify them of the recent sale. By connecting to other realtors in a specific area, you may be connecting to another opportunity for business. Other realtors may have buyers looking for similar properties and who knows, you may just have the inventory. Either way, eCampaignPro is widening your network and reach with every email sent.

Just Listed
Promote new opportunities through eCampaignPro. Our robust and customizable email template selection offers templates specific to new listings. Easily add photographs and layout pertinent details to entice and promote your property professionally. Connect with other realtors in the area and target your marketing list to zero in on the hottest prospects.

Open House
Choose from our event specific email templates to market an upcoming Open House for a select real estate listing. Our customizable templates make it easy to insert images and create a detailed informational flyer while our shareable features allow the user to access your website and social media channels which can be easily integrated.

General Branding
Create a branded look for your email marketing communications by using eCampaignPro’s customizable templates. Design your flyers to support the look and feel of your brand by incorporating colors and fonts to accommodate your logo and other branded images. That way, each time you send an email, you are reinforcing your business.

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