Email Marketing and Brand Consistency for Real Estate Agents

Robert Dodd | 8/23/2013 11:31:00 AM

When you see an advertisement, social media profile or website of a popular brand, are they not easily recognizable? Have you caught just a snippet of a message before and instantly knew it was a specific brand? If so, then you have witnessed the valuable trait of brand consistency.

In any professional capacity, brand consistency is an important feature for a business or individual. As a real estate agent, often your name is your brand. You spend a great deal of time building a client base and reputation. Make sure to transfer that brand equity you’re building into all of your marketing materials.

A recognizable brand establishes trust. Consumers of all types want security. They want to trust that a business is in it for the long haul. A solid brand image, one that remains consistent over a period of time, begins that relationship off on the right foot. It lets the consumer know that you are who you say you are. A good brand will convey a certain feeling (security, quality, expertise in a particular area) to the consumer that they will begin to associate whenever they see your brand.

A recognizable brand reinforces your name to consumers. How many times do you need to ask a person’s name before remembering it? For most, it bears repeating more than a few times. It’s the same with your brand name. When a consistent brand image is maintained across all communication platforms, it serves as a reintroduction of the consumer to your business every time they come across your message.

Use the same visual triggers across all communication platforms including your website, business cards, email campaigns and social profiles. By unifying communications elements, you are reinforcing your message and establishing a personality for your business across every touch point.

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