6 Emails Real Estate Agents Should Be Sending to Leads

Robert Dodd | 8/10/2017 2:46:00 PM


Email marketing is one of the most efficient ways to improve your brand awareness and reel in new business. Great real estate agents focus on creating and nurturing relationships with leads, current clients, and even past clients. If you want to get leads to your site, reading your blog, and engaging with you, you need to learn the core types of email you need to send your real estate leads. If you want to guarantee that you are getting the most out of your past, present and future clients, keep reading to discover six kinds of emails you have to deliver to your leads:

1. Welcome Email

When you gain new leads, it’s ESSENTIAL to introduce yourself-- quickly. It is best to use an email auto-responder to tell the lead that you have received their inquiry and will be in contact with them soon. 

2. New Listings Email

To make an effective new listings email:

  • ​Feature gorgeous imagery in your emails to showcase your new listings, along with an excellent description.
  • Add trackable links in your email to allow you to see precisely who is engaging with what content so that you can prioritize your follow-up. 

4. ‘Just Sold’ Announcements

Want to tap into your database to calculate who may be ‘thinking’ of listing their home? Show clients how much money they could potentially get for it with a “Just Sold” email. It's as simple as sending out an email stating how much the home sold for and providing a click through link to a market snapshot/report for clients to see the worth of their home.  

5. Newsletters

Newsletters allow you to share recent news, updates, and listings with your leads without taking over their social media feeds. Newsletters can combine market trends, your latest blog posts, helpful tips, updated landing pages, local events, current listings, and up to date landing pages into one easy to read message. Consider branding your newsletter to make it interesting for your readers by including numerous images to dodge content overload and add flare to your page with social sharing buttons to allow your audience to share your newsletter online quickly and easily.

6. Specialized Emails

Specialized e-mails can tie any major event or holiday to real estate. Even if the holiday doesn't directly correlate with your business, you can still profit on the prevalence of such a special day. For example, when the Super Bowl is right around the corner, you could research a player who has a hometown in your listings area. People like feeling connected and remembered, so it is crucial to have a good balance of personal and professional in your emails.

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