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Use your influence as a broker with multiple agents to your advantage

Make Your Office More Efficient

while empowering your agents and enhancing their marketing reach in this difficult real estate market, by giving them access to the most accurate and up-do-date list of over 1.1 million registered agents. Create and send email flyers using our database, download your existing email addresses to use with our system, or do both!

Use your influence as a broker with multiple agents to your advantage, and save money!

The eCampaignPro Real Estate Office Plans are customized to fit each office's unique needs. Some of the benefits are:

Build a consistent brand image across all email marketing materials with a customized template that incorporates your existing design and logo. Your agents build your company's brand equity by sending a consistent brand image into the marketplace through their email marketing.

Robust reporting system allows you to track and manage all agent email marketing efforts from one central location no matter where your agents are located.

Just a few of the reports provided are:

Data about campaign efforts can then be shared with all of your agents, enabling them to learn from each other and fine tune their efforts more quickly.

Control email marketing costs and billing from one central location with our web-based dashboard that you can access from anywhere.

With eCampaignPro, you save money by paying only for emails that are delivered because unlike most services that charge based on number of emails sent, eCampaignPro® charges you only for emails that are actually delivered.

Plus, when you sign up for an eCampaignPro Real Estate Broker Plan, you get all of the following:

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