Anti Spam Policy

We take sending unsolicited email seriously

Our Anti-Spam Policy

eCampaignPro® Anti-Spam Practices

eCampaignPro invests significant resources to ensure that no email coming from eCampaignPro is spam. What does eCampaignPro do to prevent misuse of our service?

eCampaignPro employs a very strict anti-spam policy and only allows customers who comply with permission guidelines to use our service. Click here to read our eCampaignPro customer policy. If we determine one of our customers is in violation of our permission policies, we disable their eCampaignPro account immediately.

To support our policies eCampaignPro includes a sophisticated anti-spam detection system and implements strong abuse prevention practices. These include the following:

List Verification: The eCampaignPro Customer Support team verifies all large lists. The list verification process includes a complete review of the list source, list age, collection methodology, confirmation practices, etc. New customer lists are tested before any volume mailings. Any list with questionable permission practices is rejected (or must first be fully-confirmed).

Global Unsubscribe list: eCampaignPro maintains a global unsubscribe list that is checked against all imported and supplied emails that are managed by our system. This allows a consumer to contact us and globally opt-out from any customer who may be using the eCampaignPro system. This assures that once someone requests removal that they can never be re-added or receive additional mailings through the eCampaignPro system.

List Inspection: In addition to the list verification process, all lists are screened for known spamming characteristics. eCampaignPro continues to invest in our list inspection methods. These methods are continuously revised and kept up-to-date with changing spam practices.

Verification of From and Reply-to Ownership: eCampaignPro verifies the ownership of all email addresses used as From or Reply-to addresses in campaigns sent from eCampaignPro. This prevents any spoofing of sender identity.

Abuse Desk: Our abuse email box is watched closely and all abuse complaints are processed promptly. Our system automatically tabulates all reported abuse complaints and associates them with a sender and a campaign. If a sender receives an unacceptable percentage of complaints, their account is disabled and the abuse team follows up with the customer directly.

ISP and Blacklist Relations: eCampaignPro has standing relationships and ongoing dialogues with many of the leading ISPs and Blacklists. These include the sharing of information regarding policies, practices and issues. If you are an ISP, mail administrator or blacklist owner and would like to get in touch with us, please email

Net Abuse Sightings and other online sources: eCampaignPro actively monitors various websites that report spam and abuse for references to eCampaignPro and takes appropriate action whenever appropriate.

The eCampaignPro Team is always looking for more vehicles for education and prevention to make sure all of our customers are great permission-based emailers. Please send any suggestions for enhancements or improvements to