What You Get With eCampaignPro

Real estate email marketing system designed for the real estate professionals

Designed for Real Estate Professionals By Real Estate Professionals

Just look at all the power that you receive. We offer a menu of features to help you achieve success with your email marketing efforts.

The advanced features of eCampaignPro's Real Estate email flyers and marketing system were designed specifically for the real estate professional to successfully market listings, promote open houses, recruit top producers, promote financing offers and more as simply, easily and efficiently as possible.

eCampaignPro Benefits  
Easy login from any computer, no software to download Included
Fast and easy set up wizard Included
Our Database of Agent Email Addresses  
Over 1.1 Million active real estate agent email addresses on file Included
Geo targeting by state, county, city or zip code Included
Send emails out of state Included
Ability to upload your own email list which is never shared Included
CAN-SPAM compliant Included
Tracking and reporting.  
Track delivery of emails Included
Track what links within emails have been clicked. Included
Track users who unsubscribe from the email campaign Included
Track emails that could not be delivered Included
Email templates and flyers  
150 + professional templates Included
Add your own images, text, and links Included
Upload your own flyer and send it with our system. Included
Use your own HTML designs. Included
Ability to use our custom flyer design service. Included

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