No List? No Problem!

We provide the most accurate up to date list of registered real estate agents

Easily create the ideal email marketing list.

Increase your marketing reach, your referral business or your ability to recruit new agents. Target your list to the exact areas where you do business

In addition to our lists eCampaignPro allows you to import your own personal email contacts, customers or prospects. Your lists are held securely in an encrypted database and your data is never shared. Duplicates, invalid email addresses, and unsubscribe requests are automatically removed, scrubbing your list each time you create a new campaign and send an email flyer.

Target your marketing campaigns to real estate agents in as large or as small a geographic area as you need

Choose where you want to send your real estate email flyers by cities, counties or zip codes of your choice, anywhere in the United States. Get a total count of agents in each area as you make your selections.

Target Your Market

You're not sending SPAM. The agents on our list have opted-in to receive messages like yours, and can opt-out anytime

Subscribers can remove their email address from a single user or opt-out entirely. Unsubscribe links are automatically included in every single email sent through our system, which is CAN-SPAM compliant.

Privacy is extremely important to us. Our master database is updated frequently and we maintain a master do not email list very similar to the national do not call list.

Still have questions? You can view more FAQ’s or call us direct at 1-888-362-4547