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25 Feb

Improved campaign flyer posting to Social Media

by Joe Solano in Social Media Marketing

eCampaignPro has improved the way in which your campaign flyers are posted to social media including Facebook, Twitter, Linked-In, Pinterest, and Tumblr . As part of these changes your posts to these social media sites will include larger images that are of higher quality. For example when posting your flyer to Facebook the post in Facebook will no longer look like this:


But will instead be displayed as this:


The same is true for Twitter, the old tweets appeared like:


The new Tweets are displayed like:


For Linked in the new postings look like:


For Pinterest the new postings look like:


For Tumblr the new posts look like:


All of these postings will link back to the full campaign flyer with all of your details on your Broker’s Open House, Just Listed, Price Reduction or other campaign flyer content.


Also as part of this change Google+ has been removed because Google is no longer supporting the Google+ platform.


Keep an eye out as we have big plans to build on to these social changes to make managing your social media profiles even easier.